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Sighthound Rescue SA

This is an appeal to you to support Sighthound Rescue South Africa with any donations so that we can continue to rescue, rehab and re-home these fantastic, gentle creatures, which are often brought into our care after being kept in unspeakable conditions. Stories of packs of 60 – 70 dogs being kept in small compounds are rumoured… and to all accounts this is true, as we certainly can confirm that rescues come to us with external wounds and deep psychology scarring. But the good news is that tlc, nourishing meals and medication they become fun-loving good-natured pets, which integrate easily with families and other animals in the home.

Sighthound Rescue South Africa rescues abused sighthounds (greyhounds, whippets, borzois, etc) from situation so of abuse and rehabilitate and rehome them.  We have a 100% rate for finding our doggies the very best ‘forever homes’, less than 1% for returns that we can rehome again.

Sighthounds are one of nature’s greatest and oldest gifts to people. It is a tribute to their nature that even the most abused sighthound can be rehabilitated to become a cherished companion animal.  The good news is that increasingly people around the world are becoming aware of the abuse these dogs are subjected to, and are acting to stop it, but we have a long way to go…

Sighthounds are gentle and have a wonderful disposition. Also known as gazehounds, this group of dogs includes Afghans, greyhounds (boerwindhonde), Irish wolfhounds, salukis, whippets and a host of other long-limbed, swift-of-foot dogs who’ve been companions to people for centuries.

Sadly, they’re victims of abuse by illegal racing and hunting owners and backyard breeders in South Africa, and every year globally thousands of sighthounds are murdered, primarily by strangulation, either because they’re worn out through overwork or due to injury. It’s heart breaking, but as with all things, every dog matters, and your support of SRSA will save at least one dog and give them a second chance.

Every year Sighthound Rescue South Africa saves about 200 dogs from misery and torment, and gives old racing and hunting dogs a new life beyond their caged existence. With your help, we can do so much more.

Sighthound Rescue South Africa is chaired by veteran animal rehabilitator, Cheryl Campbell, and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers throughout South Africa. The team has only ONE goal – to rescue abused Sighthounds and to find loving homes for these special dogs.



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