Among the harsh conditions of Khayelitsha township, where violence, crime and poverty are rife, one preschool principal keeps over 90 children safe every day. But Ayanda's school is running out of space and she has no choice but to turn away new students to avoid overcrowding. 

Help us expand Ayanda's preschool so that she can give more children the gift of a quality early education.

Ayanda is a remarkable preschool principal from Khayelitsha who took over her mother’s small, informal preschool and built it into a thriving space where 90 children from her community receive a quality early education.

She has built up an excellent reputation in her community and although her preschool is full, families from her neighbourhood continue to request places for their children. Ayanda believes that she has the capacity to provide this essential service to many more children in the area - she just doesn't have the space.

“As a teacher you need to have love and passion, and show the children that you can become anything you want. The future is in our hands. The world out there is for everyone regardless of where you come from,” she says.

Ayanda’s dream is to expand Tshati’s Educare and to give more children a solid foundation for their future. But she needs more space.

 “A bigger space would bring opportunities to the community. It would create jobs for people and it will enhance education for children in the neighbourhood. Education is the key.”

There is a solution.

We can provide Ayanda with an additional 80 square meters for her preschool. But we need your help to get there.

1 square meter = 10 building blocks. It will take 800 building blocks to keep Ayanda's preschool open.

Sponsor one or more building blocks or square meters to help us reach our target.

€25 = 1 building block

€75 = 3 building blocks

€125 = 5 building blocks

€250 = 1 square meter

€2500 = 10 square meters

Donate today and help give children the space they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

We need to raise €20,000 to help Ayanda. We have already received a generous donation of €475 from Jan and Nikkie Zut from the Netherlands and €180 from Veronique Veyrassat. Help us reach the remaining €19,345.



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