The film Beyond the River - an inspirational story of two lives, one journey- has been used as a catalyst to our campaign Whats Your Story?. Through it, we aim to encourage and support millions of people to embrace What's your Story? as a life habit.

What's your story? is a Heartlines campaign to build cohesion through encouraging and supporting people to ask, listen and tell each other their stories. When we listen to each other's stories our stereotypes fall away. Listening leads to understanding - and understanding can be the basis for the cooperation and collaboration we need to move our country forward.

The campaign will inspire and support South Africans to get to know each other’s stories. When we know more about each other, stereotypes fall away and understanding builds. With YOUR help we can take Beyond the River and What's Your Story? into thousands of communities, schools and faith-based groups. Every donation will help transform our nation.

Since the launch of the project in 2016, over 200 churches, 20 schools and 10 workplaces have already introduced, or intend to introduce, What's your Story?

The money raised in our campaign will go towards creating platforms for people to share their stories. It will contribute towards our resources production, replication of our training events, film viewings, the website, and our overheads and staff costs:

1. Resources to support What's your story? in group settings (in a school, youth group, church or faith based group)

2. Showing the film Beyond the River to communities, schools, youth groups, churches or faith-groups, followed by a facilitated conversation. The film can also be used as a starting place for training on the resources.

3. What's your Story? for leaders - a two-day process to enable leaders of schools, faith groups or any other social structure, to understand each other better, and so improve their working relationships.

4. to build a What's your Story? web platform is a platform to view written, audio and video stories as well as to upload one own story.

Will you join the storytelling revolution and help us to make a positive change?

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