Our vision is to give deaf people around Southern-Africa equal opportunities and the chance on a normal life by supporting them with the gift of hearing and by making a difference in deaf education. Committed to raise sufficient funds, our mission is to eliminate financial barriers to cochlear implantation for all ages, and to support unprivileged deaf children with school-bursaries to attend mainstream, inclusive education. By helping deaf individuals be part of normal society, increasing guidelines to early childhood intervention, hearing loss awareness and the significance of cochlear implants, we are committed to change the quality of life for the deaf. Financial standing should not prevent anyone from hearing & spoken-language as it creates independence & better educational outcomes.

Contributions, monitory gifts, grants and sponsorships makes it possible to support these individuals with the gift of hearing...The cost of a cochlear implant device differs between R250 000.00 and R300 000.00 depending on the system. In addition to this, hospital and surgery fees, programming and rehabilitation costs are also involved. Due to the high cost and limited medical insurance payments, few can afford this life-changing device.

By supporting our cause, you help us give a lasting gift of hearing to someone in need...

Hearing equals independence, communication and a fair chance in society...Hearing gives life!

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Corban and Samantha need Cochlear implants !

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"I am going to have an operation, and then one day I will be able to speak to you." These are the...

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