Hearing gives life!

The Foundation for children with Hearing Loss has supported more than 96 patients the past four years in order for them to receive this life changing surgery. Contributions, monitory gifts, grants and sponsorships has made it possible to support these children throughout the years. As a non-profit organisation, we can only rely on the above in order to help a child or an adult to become part of society. On our waiting list we have 19 children between the ages of 10 months and 16years as well as 18 adults who are diagnosed with bilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss and confirmed as approved cochlear implant candidates. The cost of a cochlear implant device differs between R265 000.00 and R300 000.00 depending on the system. In addition to this, hospital and surgery fees, programming and rehabilitation costs are also involved. Due to the high cost and limited medical insurance payments, few can afford this life changing device. This is where the Foundation makes a difference, by raising funds for both children and adults with limited financial means to proceed with a cochlear implant. We help children and adults to have a normal life and to make a difference in the world when they have the ability to hear and speak. It will ensure that they are socially integrated and active contributing members of their community. Hearing gives life!

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