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By Zoe Gauld-Angelucci

I raise funds for the trees.

100% Completed
R10,142 raised

By Shale Tinkler

Fundraising campaign in support of GreenPop's "Fynbos for the Future" Project.

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R6,102 raised

By Emma Jones-Phillipson

Yay! Help me (and Greenpop) raise funds for their ongoing environmental work in Southern Africa!

Greenpop, charity, environment, Trees, Environmental, green,

100% Completed
R5,216 raised

By Penelope Petersen

we trek the Himalaya, along ancient pilgrim paths, observing climate change, raising funds to plant Fynbos with friends, Greenpop

98% Completed
R4,900 raised

By Isabel Nel

I'm raising money for Greenpop Foundation, which does great work for a cause that's very close to my heart. They have a number of initiatives focused on fore...

87.98% Completed
R4,399 raised

By Alice Louw

A fundraising campaign in support of Greenpop's "Fynbos for the Future" Project.

45.675% Completed
R3,654 raised

By Tracy Hutcheon

Hiking to support Greenpop's "Fynbos for the Future" campaign, planting indigenous green gardens in local schools in Cape Town. Please sponsor me!

62.2% Completed
R3,110 raised

By Caroline Gibello

We're off to the Himalayas to immerse in the sacred mountains at the source of the Ganges and walk this ancient pilgrimage route...

50.2% Completed
R2,510 raised

By Jim Harrington

We did it! We walked part of the ancient pilgrimage route. We saw first hand that the glacier has receded, and forests are taking strain.

49% Completed
R2,450 raised

By Kama Berman

I am hiking along with a few others this September to raise money for planting a new fynbos garden in a local school in drought-stricken Cape Town.

30% Completed
R1,500 raised
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