Say YES to the Plastic Ban!

Our oceans have become heavily polluted with toxic plastic waste that takes centuries to break down, causing damage to plant and animal life under the sea. At Greenpeace Africa, we seek to protect precious natural resources and biodiversity from exploitation.

Birds, fish, penguins, turtles and whales are losing their lives as their natural environment becomes excessively polluted with man-made plastic waste. This is a serious issue affecting the whole world.

Greenpeace receives no funding from government or corporate, and is supported entirely by individual donations and private grants. Our independence is our strength.

Contribute towards the banning of single-use plastics - let’s stop the plastic invasion!

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  1. Dionné Du Plessis

    25 November 2017

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    22 November 2017

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1 Activist project

The WAR on plastic!

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