PAST has a deeply-held belief in the role of education in confronting two of the greatest challenges facing societies everywhere: discrimination, particularly that based on race, and the rapid, human-induced loss of natural environments and biodiversity. As part of this, we provide bursaries for postgraduate students pursuing Honours, Masters and Doctorate degrees in the origin sciences at African universities. In pursuit of the development of African science, we also award fellowships for postdoctoral students. All of this enables talented, determined postgraduate students from all over Africa to receive funding across multiple years. We do this so Africa’s talented young scientists can afford to remain in Africa, and invest their knowledge back into our communities. Among those receiving major support for their postgraduate studies from PAST’s bursary programme are South Africa’s first two black female Ph.D.s in palaeoanthropology. Our funding has also enabled postgraduate students to participate in established field schools in southern and East Africa, allowing students to gain first-hand training in the field at rich fossil sites and leading museums and universities.

Since 1994, PAST has funded hundreds of bursaries – and many hundreds more will be needed in the future. Join us by giving, so that Africa, and the whole of humankind, can gain.

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