Go the extra mile against corruption

Whether you call it a mile or a kilometre, go the extra distance with Corruption Watch at this year’s MTN Walk the Talk with 702. Join our Xtra Mile Challenge as we celebrate 25 years of democracy in South Africa.

Corruption undermines the institutions and values of our democracy. We are challenging you to join our efforts and take definitive steps to fight corruption. We owe it to ourselves to preserve our constitutional democracy. And one way of doing it is by jealously guarding our public purse to ensure that basic services are rendered to all, particularly communities whose livelihood is dependent on these services.

Help us reach a target of R200 000 before the end of July. Your contributions, whether large or small, make a significant difference and have a long-lasting impact in the fight against corruption.

Please follow this link to learn how we tackle corruption: https://www.corruptionwatch.or...

Go the extra mile. Make your contribution today! #XtraMileChallenge

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    28 July 2019

  2. Janeen de Klerk

    27 July 2019

  3. Michelle Niederheitmann

    26 July 2019

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