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"It has been my greatest honour to be in the presence of the horses at Equinox. My experiences was like something out of a movie. Never did I imagine that a horse would be my therapy. Six months ago my life was in turmoil, I have experienced abuse in every possible way that exists. My home was my prison and absolutely everything was dictated to me by my ex-partner. I had no life worth living for. I was always afraid of the next day and didn’t dare to put my foot outside my door even when I got a chance. Coming to Equinox and meeting a special horse I named Diamond, I still had the same fears, little did I know that Diamond would teach me how to be brave again. I remember seeing Diamond on the other side of the fence and wanting to come out. After asking permission, I let him out. I felt a sense of freedom helping him get out. Another day I dared to step over to his side of the fence and again I felt a deep sense of bravery and freedom. At times he was eating while I tried to get his attention and he wouldn’t stop eating – this taught me how to see to my needs first and value myself enough to know that I am worth it. Diamond taught me patience, bravery, to step out to the world again and self-love. Thank you Diamond for trusting me to touch you, hug you, kiss you and adding joy to my life’s journey. I am very grateful for the time our two ladies at Equinox spent in working with me and helping me heal." (Women Trauma Survivor, 2018)

Amid the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the measures taken nationally to try and curb this virus, we are all experiencing challenging and stressful times that have impacted many of us in different ways. Feelings of stress, fear and anxiety, to name a few, can cause psychological distress. Mental health services are essential services under the Covid-19 classification, and are vital to help people cope emotionally and mentally. Mental well-being is also a vital part of our health and immune systems. 

Help us to help those who cannot afford to pay for therapeutic services by donating to Equinox today.  Funds will go to offering sessions for individuals who are most in need. You will receive updates on how your money has been spent and how many sessions we have been able to run.

Help change a life today!

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    5 May 2020

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    5 May 2020

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    5 May 2020

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