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In 2019 the Foundation started a project to address obstetric fistula in rural communities. Currently the worldwide prevalence of fistula is estimated to affect in excess of two million women. Women with an obstetric fistula experience leakage of urine and/or faeces from their vaginal cavity. This leakage results from a hole between the vagina and bladder (vesicovaginal) or vagina and bowel (rectovaginal). An obstetric fistula has a tremendous clinical and societal burden on patients. As a result of their clinical symptoms, many patients are cast out of their families and communities due to the smell.

Fistula surgery is currently very complex - Dr's require special training and  the surgery is also unaffordable to those affected. PFFSA is currently researching and developing a tissue-engineered solution  which will remove these barriers as it can be applied by local physicians, and will replace complex surgery.

Watch this video to learn more about obstetric fistula: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Please support our research project, which could transform the life of the almost 2 million women suffering from untreated fistula.



  1. Laura Graves

    3 November 2020

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    29 September 2020

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