Girls Football league travelling expenses

Our vision is:

To be the catalyst for positive social change, gender equality and to eradicate poverty in our community and create employment through football.

Grassroots Programme

We have had great support from schools in the area with regards to the development of girls’ football, as our programs have been incorporated as an extra - curricular activity.  This has resulted in the increase in the number of young girls playing football.

We also host football festivals over weekends, incorporating social skills development, which is very important especially for the adolescent girls, as this address the many social ills which plague our communities today.

We have joined the regional league which is played in four local municipality. With this we are intending to further increase the awareness of our programmes, with the aim of getting more girls involved in football.

We humbly request sponsorship assistance for the travelling expenses which will elevate the status of our programme and also leave every participant with a feeling of pride and motivation.

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