The Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF) is taking great strides to conserve the future of the elephants and the biodiversity of Selati. Through the launch of the Giants of Selati Fund, we are reaching out to our generous supporters to help us raise the funds necessary to carry out an historic elephant contraceptive operation this month.

On 21 and 22 October, a team of expert veterinarians, pilots, ecologists, and conservation managers will come together to administer an immunocontraceptive to around 85 female elephants on Selati in an effort to slow the birth rate and preserve the health of the elephants and other species on the reserve.

We need your help!

It is going to be an intensive two-day operation requiring both aerial and ground teams, and while Saving the Survivors is providing veterinary services at minimal cost, we are appealing to the public to help us raise the additional R400,000 of which R300,000 will be used to cover the basic costs of this operation this year, and any additional amounts raised will go towards supporting any over-run costs (e.g. helicopter fuel and ground crew operations) and subsequent years’ operations. The Foundation is aiming to raise through its crowdfunding campaign on GivenGain.

We hope that by sharing how important both elephants and biodiversity are for the proper functioning of the greater ecosystem, you’ll be encouraged to help us achieve our goal.

Help us raise the much needed R400,000 to achieve our objectives for this year and into future to secure the population of elephants and bio-diversity on the reserve. 

For more information on the project please visit our website.

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