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The Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF) is taking great strides to conserve the future of the elephants and the biodiversity of Selati. Through the launch of the Giants of Selati Fund in 2020, we were able to raise our fund target of R400,000 to start the elephant immunocontraception vaccinations in an effort to slow the birth rate and preserve the health of the elephants and other species on the reserve. 

In September 2021, a team of expert veterinarians, pilots, ecologists, and conservation managers will once again come together to administer the annual booster shots to around 85 female elephants on Selati. 

How can you help? 

During an intensive one-day operation requiring both aerial and ground teams, and the donated veterinary man-power of Saving the Survivors,  we are once again appealing to the public to help us raise the funds for the ground team operation, helicopter time, and the booster shots.  The Foundation is aiming to raise the much-needed R160,000 through its crowdfunding campaign on GivenGain or through direct donations on our website http://selatiwf.org/donate-to-... whichever you feel more comfortable donating to. 

To become a fundraiser download our toolkit (

https://drive.google.com/drive...)  and watch as friends and family assist you in raising funds for these gentle giants of Selati. 

We hope that by understanding how important the control of elephant populations is to the biodiversity of a closed reserve, you’ll be encouraged to help us achieve our goal.

For more information on the project please visit our website: www.selatiwf.org 

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    Savanna Cary Owtram

    R4,960* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
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    Amber Gallop

    R3,365 raised

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    Ryley Gallop

    R3,365 raised

4 Fundraiser projects


  1. Peter Backwell

    23 September 2021

  2. Paul Bass

    10 September 2021

  3. Arti Sutcliffe

    10 September 2021

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Fundraiser projects

4 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC

By Savanna Cary Owtram

Hi! I need your help. I'm raising money for Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC, who do great work f...

99.2% Completed
R4,960* raised
R5,000 Target

Raising Money for Giants of Selati: Elephant Immunocontraception Project

By Amber Gallop

Hi!I am fundraising for the Selati Wilderness Foundation's Giants of the Selati Immunocontracepti...

100% Completed
R3,365 raised
R2,500 Target

I am raising funds for Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC

By Ryley Gallop

Hey everyone!!I need all of your help to raise some money for a great cause, a elephant conservat...

96.1428571428571% Completed
R3,365 raised
R3,500 Target

I am raising funds for Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC: Giants of Selati Fund

By Phillip Ferreira

Hello friends, As many of you know, I LOVE elephants and have decided to help raise funds for a v...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R1,000 Target
* Includes funds from other sources.