Get ECD Centres Ready to Reopen Safely | COVID19

Let’s Get Them Back to School Safely
Get Early Learning Centres Ready to Reopen

Since 18 March 2020, all 43 of our GROW Educare Centres have been closed to help flatten the curve and comply with government requirements. The lockdown has resulted in many unintended consequences and continues to place unprecedented burdens on the women who own and run these community businesses.

The early childhood development (ECD) sector has been hit hard by COVID19. Despite the relentless pressure, we have recommitted our efforts to serve the children in our care, the business owners who make education their lives, and the parents who want the best for their children.

We’re getting ready to re-open ECD centres!

Our new operating protocols are being finalised and are in line with the best-practice requirements set by Government. We want children and staff to go back to school as soon as possible, and as safely as possible.

In order to reopen safely, each ECD centre needs:

1. An infrared thermometer to screen staff and children on arrival
2. Each ECD centre needs at least one no-touch sanitizer dispenser, ideally in stainless steel, placed near the front door so that children and staff can sanitize on entry and exit.
3. Accessible handwashing facilities with fresh, clean water and soap
4. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all staff and learners such as a re-usable face shield with each person’s name on it.
5. Hand sanitizer, liquid soap and disinfectant for daily disinfection of toys, equipment and work stations

With your help, we can get them back to school, safely.

The investment required is well over R4 500 per centre, which is simply unaffordable for these business owners. With your help, we can fast-track centre compliance and get these community ECD centres to reopen sooner and safer.

Your Tax and BBBEE benefits for doing good:

All financial donations qualify for tax deductions and SED (Social Enterprise Development) or ED (Enterprise Development) points. We will supply Section 18A certificates on your request.

Donation Opportunities with GROW Educare Centres:

1. Donate a hand-washing station/water fountain.

This water fountain dispenses clean drinking water and doubles as a handwashing and sanitation station. It’s built at the perfect height for little people and includes space for liquid soap, sanitizers and paper towel.
How many do we need? 43
What does it cost? R1 390 each including delivery

2. Donate no-touch infrared thermometers

Each ECD centre needs at least one infrared thermometer to help them screen staff and learners each morning. Without these, an ECD centre cannot open or operate.
How many do we need? 43
What does it cost? R1490 each including batteries and delivery

3. Donate face shields for children and teachers

A face shield makes it much easier and fun for children to wear protective gear for long periods of time. These are sturdy and made with small children in mind, and they come in various designs to make them fun to wear. Each has space for the child’s own name to ensure shields aren’t shared. These shields can be disinfected daily and re-used.
How many do we need? 1 600 for children and 220 for teachers and educare staff
What does it cost? R26 each including delivery

4. Donate foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers

Each ECD centre needs at least one no-touch sanitizer dispenser, ideally in stainless steel. This system will equip centres to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of transmission. This system is ideal to place at the front door so that children and staff can sanitize on entry and exit.
How many do we need? 43
What does it cost? R975 each including delivery

• Make an EFT deposit into the bank account below
• Use your Surname or Company Name as the reference
• Send your proof of payment via email to
• If you require a Section 18A certificate, please give your physical address on your email

Account Name: GW Foundation
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: 100 Graystone drive
Branch Code: 580105
Type of Account: Current Account
Account Number: 10011899076

TWITTER: @EducareGrow
LINKEDIN: GROW with Educare Centres

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