General Paediatrics

Drawing more than half of the Western Cape’s children, Tygerberg Hospital’s paediatric unit plays an important role in the healthcare and Early Childhood Development (ECD) of millions of children within its drainage area. 

As a public health facility, Tygerberg Hospital primarily serves the indigent community within its geographical drainage area, which includes the Northern Metro sub-districts, Khayelitsha, Eastern Tygerberg, West Coast, Cape Winelands and the Overberg rural districts. It is a little-known fact that Tygerberg Paediatrics Department, with 210 paediatric and 90 neonatal beds, are responsible for the care of approximately half of the 2,4 million children living in the Western Cape who require specialist medical care. These disadvantaged children, often from far-flung communities, are unlikely to have access to the essential ingredients of nutrition, protection and stimulation,  for a normal healthy childhood development.

The Tygerberg Hospital School, situated inside the hospital plays a big role in ECD by providing education and stimulation for child-patients both in the classroom as well as in the wards, during their transition back to health. The school has specialised classes for children with disabilities and special needs such as adolescents undergoing psychiatric care at the hospital.



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