Gelding Drive 2021

Unchecked breeding is the bane of all animal welfare organisations. It is no different within horse welfare. Indiscriminate breeding causes numerous problems including inbreeding, bad conformation and not to mention too many animals. The biggest problem with bad conformation is that these horses are not fit to work and it leads to injuries and horses that need to retire early because they break down.

Last year, you helped us raise enough money to geld nine stallions. This year, we have a new list of owners who want to geld their stallions and we are as eager as you to help them do just that.

Our target this year is R70 000.

If we reach it we can also geld horses outside of our registered horses as we often have problems with non-registered stallions who cover registered mares.

Won’t you please help us stop indiscriminate breeding by donating to this cause using your name, surname and “gelding” as reference?