Gelding Drive 2020

The Cart Horse Protection Association has been helping working horses on the Cape Flats for 25 years. Although our passion for horses is infinite, our funds are not. A vast majority of our costs go towards the veterinary care of horses and one of our regular expenses includes gelding.

A number of years ago, we started reducing the numbers of
working horses by prohibiting the registration of new horses. Owners can no
longer bring in horses from other areas and register them to work. Any horse that
an owner wants to register to work on the roads has to be born to a mare that had
a working status prior to 2014. In a further bid to not only reduce numbers,
but also to stop the deterioration of the population, we are having a gelding

We will be picking up the horses from their owners and
transporting them to a facility where they will be gelded and cared for. They
will stay there for three days post-operatively, to get the best care possible,
after which they will be returned to their owners.

We already have a list of owners willing to geld their
horses. Now, we just need the funds!

Our costs per horse are as follows: 

  • Gelding: R2000
  • Livery: R240
  • Transport: R760

Total: R3000

We really would like to make the best use of this
opportunity to help our responsible horse owners, but we need your help now:

We need R27 000 to geld:

  • Boy
  • Playboy
  • Voster
  • J.R.
  • Hilton
  • Spartacus
  • Teeno
  • Francie
  • Julian



  1. Heather Dresner

    4 February

  2. Cathy Aaron

    3 February

  3. Sue Gow

    31 January

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