Gaja Cyclone Mostly Severely Affected in Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk ,Thiruvarur District,Tamilnadu,India
 Requisition for Rehabilitation/Reconstruction:
We have Identified and Selected around  1,550 Families in Six Villages for Rehabilitation /Reconstruction service.
The houses have been severely damaged and in condition that people can't live. Hence, they are forced to stay at their relatives and friends. At  that time, they need a place to live and hence the construction of Permanent Shelters are absolutely necessary.
As the Following  Support is Required Urgently to Save the lives of the People to Come out from the Difficult Period of their life.
2. Solar Lights, Woolen Blankets, Cycles, Goats, Distribution.
3. Provide Fish Cultures, Kitchen  Gardens .
4.  Hi Breed Coconut Seedlings Distribution.
5. School  Buildings ,Ankan Vadis Buildings Renovation, Construction &Renovation of Toilets.
6..Tree Plantation for ,Streets, Houses, Hospitals, Schools, Govt Office Building Surroundings.
   We kindly request you to Fund support  according to your possibilities.
  We are looking forward to hear from you.
  Thanking You,
Managing Trustee,
People Awareness and Legal Aid Movement - PALAM,
23/1, Periyanayakipuram, Thiruthuraipoondi - 614 713.Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India.Phone:  Mob: WhatsApp: 9842607609, 7871527907,.8883625627

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