Despite spending nearly 20% of its national budget on education, South Africa is in the midst of an educational crisis and continues to rank poorly on several international benchmarks. While government emphasises the importance of highly trained and qualified teachers, the current demand for teachers is unmet with between 20 000 and 30 000 new teachers needed per year. While teachers are in over supply in some areas, there are acute shortages in Maths,
Science, IT, Commerce and indigenous African languages and intensified in some geographical regions.

The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) develops new teachers through an internship programme that provides school-based training, mentoring, and professional development to aspiring teachers.

While studying through the University of South Africa, a distance education institution, interns known as Future Leaders are placed in secondary or primary schools for the duration of their studies. They are provided space at school to study, gain extensive classroom experience as teaching assistants, and are coached and supported by experienced teachers as mentors while receiving additional training and development in key domains that extend beyond the academic curriculum.

It costs US$ 4 500 (ZAR 55 000) to train a new teacher per year through our four year programme. This cost includes tuition, books, transport to examinations and a living allowance. Currently there are 81 Future Leaders enrolled in the programme.

Our first goal is to raise $22 500 to fund the cost of five new teachers for 2018. You can help by making a once-off or recurring multiple donation, no matter how small.

Become part of a movement to create teachers with the capacity and vision to be educational leaders and pioneers, and to excite young people to join the profession by facilitating young teachers into leadership.


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  1. Clifford Sykes

    18 January 2018

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