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It is well known by now that the impacts of the Covid‐crisis have been felt far and wide.
Throughout the world, arguably one of the most heavily impacted industries has been
tourism, having come to a complete standstill in many countries. This is particularly true in
Africa, where tourism contributes substantially to local economies and associated
conservation efforts. As a result, conservation efforts in Africa have taken considerable strain.
However, a recent campaign raising funds for other African parks inspired me to take matters
into my own hands and “be the change I wish to see in the world.”
Therefore, as an individual who is passionate about preserving South Africa’s wild places and
species, I decided to start a campaign called Funds for Wildlife, in support of South African
conservation efforts. With the advice of Scott Ramsay (renowned South African photographer
and writer), I chose to donate all of the funds raised to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).
The fact that they are an independent organisation that is entirely donations based, as well
as their reputation for ethical management and use of funds, were important considerations
for me. Additionally, they are responsible for a large number of habitat expansion and
endangered species projects on the ground, which are incredibly valuable for South African
In line with the EWT’s philosophy, Funds for Wildlife is ultimately about helping to ensure that
our wild places and species are protected for many years to come, and about showing that
anyone is capable of making a difference.



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