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Thank You!

Good Day,

Due to a glitch in the system, it has come to our attention that you did not receive a thank you from us, we are really sorry about that. We really appreciate that you have a taken a positive step to help South African children and thank you for your generous donation towards the 'Fund A Learner' campaign. Every donation helps ensure that a learner has a greater chance of completing high school and accessing higher education or other post school opportunities. We will send you a section 18a tax receipt shortly for this financial year and you will receive another receipt from us in February/March next year for donations received during the 2016/2017 tax year.

We will keep you updated about the project via email and if at any time you want to know more, please let us know. You are always welcome to visit one of our branches or give us a call anytime!

Please consider telling your friends and family about our project - share the link on your blogs or social networks; use the tell-a-friend feature on the project page to email your network; use our campaign banner on your social media profiles or just bring us up in conversation. You can find the campaign social media banners here - http://bit.ly/1XM1VVD

With gratitude and best wishes,




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      Nwabisa Ngumbela

      R20,850 raised

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      Eve Kells

      R21,887 raised

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      Janet Taylor-Hall

      R17,881 raised

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      Emily Crisp

      R11,039 raised

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      Ana Pacheco

      R9,449 raised

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      7 March

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