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Flama foundation was launched in July 2019  in Peru. Its Mission is to inspire young girls and women that fear to show their inner strength and obtain equitable access to sports for girls and women in and off court.

Every dollar raised will go towards the foundations organised sport events and will generate a huge impact on hundreds of vulnerable women and girls in the coast, highlands and jungle of Peru. 

Flama's Aim:

-Overcome physical and physiological barriers that women and young girls face in Peru. 
-Promote the idea of movement through fun and innovative activities and physical literacy.

4 goals

​-To be experts and leader authority in issues related to access to sports 
-To be the voice for women and young girls in sports 
-Shape young girls and let empowered women to take opportunities and participate in society 
-Get more girls involved in sports and more women to be involved in the sports profesional industry

Thank you for your help! 

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Fundraiser projects

14 Fundraiser projects

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US$300 Target

Giuli is running Hackney Half raising funds for Flama!

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US$1,749 raised
US$2,000 Target