Donate a fruit tree, invest in a rural family for life

At African Honey bee, we encourage our partner beekeepers to plant fruit trees. Not any old maskoroskoro trees from pips, but well cultivated fruit trees from reputable nurseries. We have seen in some of our areas, like Vhembe, where families make money each year from selling mangoes for atcha. Besides making money from excess fruit, children in the families have access to delicious healthy vitamin C, which adds to the variety of their diets, making their meals more nutritious, and helping the children develop mentally and physically well.

With your gift, we will buy a good tree (mango, avo, litchi or macadamia) from a nursery and give it to a family who have completed training and succesfully prepared a hole and soil for the little tree.

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    6 October

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    4 May

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