FRESH HOPE for Ikhaya and our Families

Food Insecurity is a driver of Gender Based Violence, substance abuse, poverty and serious illness, preventing access to Quality Education and any chance a child has to escape poverty. 

Fresh Hope Gardens is a sustainable economic development system aimed to supply nutritious hot meals for orphaned and vulnerable children while providing food security,  job creation, and skills development opportunities for the caregivers in the immediate community. Three circular gardens will be planted, nurtured and cared for by a team of trained parents and youth from iKhaya le Themba. Through a worker readiness training and entrepreneurial development program adults and youth can learn how to plant their own gardens, maintain a large vegetable garden that supplies local restaurants and its own community farmstall while learning how to make compost, garden, bake bread, make jam and beekeeping to sell honey. 
Fresh Hope first and foremost will provide food security for a community in crisis, particularly post COVID 19. Through hands-on instruction participants will learn the technical skills essential for farming in an urban environment.

*Growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers and participating in all phases of farm production.

*Learn to produce compost, prep growing beds, and how to identify, plant, harvest and market the vegetables growing at the farm.

*Assist with general farm tasks, pest management, site beautification and infrastructure development.

*Graduates could apply to manage an onsite farm stand, increasing access to fresh, healthy, affordable produce for their community, and providing a window into the economic and entrepreneurial opportunities that exist within food system development.

Three large, circular gardens are ready to be planted.  Parents need work and food security to ensure their children’s health and growth. 
iKhaya Needs for this project: (8) 5,000 litre  water tanks installed to effectively water the gardens at a cost of R30 000/ $2,500/ £2,000/ €2,200