We’re calling our fundraising events “ForQhubeka” because you really can do anything you like for Qhubeka. We’re always thrilled by the creativity and passion of our supporters, and we encourage you to fundraise in a way that best suits you.

We know, however, that it’s sometimes intimidating to get started, so we’ve come up with five fundraising event categories and some cool tools that will hopefully motivate you and inspire you!

How you’re helping to change lives

Percy lives in a village in rural Limpopo where there is no high school. He received a Qhubeka Bicycle in 2014, when he was in grade 9, to help him ride the 5km to the high school in a neighbouring town.

In January 2018, Percy got his Matric (grade 12) results. He was one of the four top-performing students in the Limpopo province. He is currently studying to become a medical doctor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

By supporting ForQhubeka, you are funding bicycles for more people like Percy, which helps them to keep moving forward.


If you get stuck or you have any questions about ForQhubeka, please email helpdesk@qhubeka.org.

Thanks again for choosing to raise funds for Qhubeka through ForQhubeka!

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4 Fundraiser projects

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