#Food4Hope Virtual Volunteering

Do you have a passion to make a difference ... but how do we do it whilst still maintaining Social-Distancing or Isolation?

The Corona virus is already hurting families on the edge of starvation by devastating their incomes.

You can use Social Media responsibly to make a difference in the lives of abused and vulnerable children cared for by Abraham Kriel Bambanani.

Here’s what’s going on. 

I just got off the phone with our Social worker. She visited Jacob in Emdeni SOWETO today. Jacob is 11 and stays in a shack with his 2 younger sisters and their Gogo. Jacob and his siblings went to our Emdeni Drop-in Centre for a daily hot meal, but now they must stay home. Jacob’s tummy hurts but Gogo says there is no more food. The virus is forcing Jacob and his siblings into starvation.

How can Gogo feed them all if the food parcel is finished? She can’t, but you can help her.

Your online fundraising campaign will provide emergency hunger relief to a boy like Jacob whose Gogo is unable to buy food. You’ll save him, his 2 younger sisters and their Gogo from starving.

Just this week I got more calls from our Social workers. The families they visited are destitute, kids are out of school and the food is finished plus it’s still cold and wet outside, this is no time to be starving.

CREATE YOUR ONLINE CAMPAIGN NOW, link it to our GivenGain #Food4Hope Virtual Volunteerinpage and start sharing on your social media platforms.

We did not expect extra mouths to feed and we did not budget for extra food, but we can provide it with your help.

  • Remember create a campaign
  • share and post 
  • 1 click or 1 share can make a difference. 


#food4hope...because every child deserves an anchor of hope, and no child deserves to be HUNGRY!!!

In response to the Covid-19 virus and the disaster measures announced by President
Ramaphosa, Abraham Kriel Bambanani has taken serious precautionary
measures to support efforts in flattening the curve. 

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3 Fundraiser projects

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