Food security in the inner-city of Johannesburg

Lefika La Phodiso needs your help to continue our efforts in providing support for our nutrition and Online Open Studio programme in the inner-city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Every child that attends our community arts counselling programmes is provided with a nutritious meal in order to meet their basic needs first before engaging their psychological needs. With the national lockdown and social distancing in place, access to nourishment for the children has been affected. We are committed to continue to support the children and their families of our art counselling programmes, not only with nutrition, but also with psychosocial support. We have started delivering our Open Studio programme through social media and WhatsApp and providing virtual grocery vouchers to our beneficiaries.

In order to successfully continue with our support efforts, we need to ensure that the children and their families, many of who come from vulnerable and food insecure communities, continue to receive food vouchers and data to be able to have virtual access to our programmes.

AfricaCheck reported that even before the outbreak of Covid-19, millions of households in South Africa were already battling food insecurity and hunger. The national lockdown has not helped, with many losing their income as the country came to a standstill. Lefika La Phodiso receives hundreds of messages from families in need. We have partnered with Gauteng Together to assist in alleviating this need. We would like you to be contributors to this cause.

Lefika La Phodiso, “The Rock of Holding,” is Africa’s first psychoanalytically informed Community Art Counselling Training Institute. Lefika is based at the Children's Memorial Institute in Gauteng. Since 1996, Lefika has responded to the impact of trauma and loss associated to apartheid, HIV and AIDS, violence and socio-economic disparities. Lefika's primary objective has been to create accessible mental health services in under resourced communities. This has been achieved by building capacity through training community arts practitioners, artists, educators and mental health workers in creative analytic group work, bringing together art therapy approaches, trauma work and group practice. Through specialised skills development within a SETA accredited training programme, Community Art Counsellors are able to facilitate community outreach projects in and around the inner city of Johannesburg, in rural areas - in schools, hospitals, community centres, NGO's etc. Responding to International social justice and psychosocial mental health needs, Lefika now reaches communities across South Africa and abroad.

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