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Food from Amadiba for KwaZuluNatal!

Farmers in the Amadiba area of the Eastern Cape farm their ancestral land to grow delicious sweet potatoes and amadumbe to eat and to sell. Their farming is also part of their 20 year long resistance campaign to protect their land from coastal dune mining which would destroy their culture and rural way of life forever.

The Amadiba area is a place of immense beauty, biodiversity, cultural heritage, historical significance and fertile arable land.

Recent looting in KZN has disrupted regular markets for produce from Amadiba but food is desperately needed in the province. By buying a bag of sweet potatoes or amadumbe for distribution to vulnerable communities in KZN you will both feed hungry people and help the Amadiba farmers to keep farming. You will also help to strengthen a community that has stood strong in their resistance to mining and protected the Pondoland Wild Coast for a very long time.

In 2020 many people benefitted from Amadiba produce through the efforts of FoodFlow:


Sustaining the Wild Coast (www.swc.org.za ) is  a small non profit company that has supported the Amadiba community for many years. All proceeds from this campaign will go directly to Amadiba farmers and cover transport costs to the recipients. 

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  1. Adrian Wolmarans

    4 August 2021

  2. Edwin C

    3 August 2021

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    3 August 2021

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