Food for rural farm children and vulnerable women

Food and health are two of the most basic human rights for any person. Yet, for many rural farm children and vulnerable women including the elderly and disabled, food and health are not that easily accessible. Lockdown for many on farms mean being stuck with their abusers. In most cases the mothers sacrifise themselves to protect their children. Can you imagine what would happen if the mother becomes ill? Please help us to prevent that from happening so that while the children are isolated in their homes, they have strong mothers to protect them and who have the means to help them stay healthy and strong too.

Please help us feed 1 459 children and women on 16 rural farms. Also, please help us share this food appeal amongst your networks so that the vulnerable children and women, elderly and disabled on rural farms are fed and kept healthy during this tough time. Thank you so much. 

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  1. Claire Napier

    7 October 2020

  2. Amanda Powderhill

    26 July 2020

  3. Caron Flynn

    25 July 2020

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