“Food for Africa” Fundraising Drive

In response to Covid-19 we are looking to purchase 100 000 bags of Maize, to support vulnerable communities facing increasing food scarcity in South Africa! A 12.5 KG bag of Maize costs R 60 ($3.50) and will feed a family of 10 for up to a week.

Every day we are reminded what a privilege it is to be African, and I am constantly in awe of how blessed we are to have Africa’s people, wildlife, and landscapes as our everyday mentor, inspiration, and guide. /.

Rise Foundation
Rhino Africa’s NGO is committed to uplifting the continent’s people, and protecting our wild spaces.  It is the golden thread that connects our vision and purpose, driving us to lead and support sustainable development programmes of empowerment, education and protection.

Covid-19 is bringing out the best in people around the world as we experience unprecedented acts of generosity and a demonstration of our shared humanity. Indeed, we at Rhino Africa are experiencing first-hand an outpouring of generosity and offers of support from many of our guests from around the world. Whether it is to assist us with our continued effort to protect Africa’s wildlife until global travel and tourism recovers, or ensuring that Rhino Africa continues supporting its various outreach edu-programs - the goodwill from the friends of Rhino Africa has been heartwarming. We can’t quite believe just how many of you have been in contact; each of you I am sure are facing your own tests and trials and so we are deeply thankful for your concern.

Here is a powerful idea of where we would love your HELP!  

Two of our major integrated social investments which Rhino Africa regularly support is the Good Work Foundation, and Click Foundation.  Currently over 36 000 young learners are meant to be attending weekly digital literacy classes, through the Good Work Foundation and Click Foundations schools and campuses across South Africa. With the closure of these schools and campuses, came the closure of all government lead feeding programs, programs our children are dependent on.   The loss of income from tourism due to the Covid-19 has placed many rural families in financial difficulty and food scarcity is becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in these Rural areas.  

In response to this, to help our students and their families during this crisis, while school feeding programs remain we are looking to purchase 100 000 bags of Maize, a staple for many African communities.  A 12.5 KG bag of Maize costs R 60 ($3.50) and will feed a family of 10 for up to a week.

Help us continue the relief work that we are doing now.

Help us unleash the important work that has been many years in the making.

Help us continue to take a stand for access to wonder-filled learning.

You can support us by simply buying a bag or 10 of Maize.  We will take care of the logistics and distribution as every cent raised goes directly to food security for our children and their families:

We hope our entire Rhino Africa community will join us as we continue to support and uplift communities through this crisis. 

Lastly please when possible come and visit us in Africa! We really don’t mind who you book with, as long as you choose Africa. (okay and Us!)

With love and gratitude,

The Rhino Africa Team

About Rhino Africa 

Rhino Africa is Africa’s leading safari company that specialises in tailor-made luxury travel in Southern and East Africa, including the Indian Ocean Islands.

Based in Cape Town, we use our local expert knowledge to create once-in-a-lifetime journeys for 16,000 guests every year. Success within the safari industry has granted us the great privilege of supporting the causes we are passionate about. This is more than a passion - it is a burning, all-encompassing desire to ensure that we do whatever we can to support the special, on-the-ground movements that underpin conservation and rural education in Africa.

We leverage our talent at tailor-made holidays to join forces with inspired groups and individuals in Africa, whose talents lie in protecting endangered species and empowering rural education, to achieve their dreams. 

Basically what it comes down to: Rhino Africa helps the dreams we steadfastly believe in, come true. Whether that’s bucket list African holidays, helping a child reach his/her true potential or protecting wildlife, we’re committed to uplifting this continent through Travel. Tourism provides accessible employment opportunities, geographic diversification and increased foreign currency receipts, better than any other industry. That is why we believe travel has the potential to change the world - and now more than ever, our planet needs the kind of travel that gives back!

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