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Donate a beehive (Flatpack) to a beekeeper in rural Zululand and change the world. At half the price that a beehive costs in a store, you can now donate the materials for a beehive, (what we call a Flatpack), to an up-and-coming beekeeper.

Think of all the good you will be doing:
1. You will be enabling a beekeeper to earn an extra R700 per year from the honey they can produce from the hive.
2. You will be providing a new home for a swarm of honeybees.
3. You will be contributing to help pollinate fruit and vegetables, increasing yields substantially.

Your donation will be used to buy materials for a hive. We will give this to a rural poor person who is part of our project and has demonstrated their commitment to beekeeping by having successfully completed making a veil, gloves, smoker and hive tool from stuff they found around their house, like: old jeans, an empty paint tin, kitchen curtains and so on. Check out the photos on

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  1. Rory Mack

    13 March

  2. Bongani Nxumalo

    8 March

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