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FIVE4FIVE Zonnebloem Girls' Spring Fundraiser!

Our Teachers are walking 5km for five Thursdays to raise funds for new lavatories and urgent electrical upgrades!

Lavatory Upgrade:

We would like to raise enough funds to give our students' lavatories a total make over and so give them a more dignified experience, especially because we are an all girls school and good sanitization is very important! 

Currently, we have some toilets that are not functioning, broken or have absent seats all together! There are also broken toilet paper hooks, broken stall doors and a very basic and malfunctioning basin

We have excellent staff who try their best to keep our toilets clean and sanitised, but the over all experience is not very dignified (for a lack of a better word).

Our dream is to do the whole lavatory over, which can hopefully include: 

  • re-tiling and painting the walls and floors
  • replacing the basin with a well functioning water saving basin(s)
  • fixing or replacing the doors
  • fixing or replacing toilets
  • fixing new toilet paper hooks on the walls
  • putting in proper storing cupboard for our cleaning products and tools

and more, if we can!

Electrical upgrade:

Our school has experienced regular copper wire thefts in the past two years, which has caused a lot of damage to our electrical wiring circuit and frustrating disruptions to our day-to-day functioning of our school. 

Needless to say 'load-shedding' (our government's scheduled power outages) has been the least of our problems.

Our dream is to be able to: 

  • professionally assess and fix the electric wiring and power supply at our school and so be able to optimally function at our school.


Needless to say, your support in any way will be sincerely appreciated!

Ways you can help:

Spread the word!



Become a Fundraiser Champion for us!

(*Contact the school if you could do something to help us raise funds in anyway. Example: You could do a sport event (race) and create a campaign with us, share the link and so get people to donate and raise funds for us. - We will be able to assist you in creating such a campaign here on our GivenGain profile.)

Thank you, so much for reading and taking an interest!

Blessings & Kind regards

Zonnebloem Girls' Pimary School

Contact our school for further information at:

e-mail: zonnebloemgps@gmail.com

Tel: (+27)21 465 4481 (ZAR)

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    14 December 2021

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    6 October 2021

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    29 September 2021

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