Conservation is as much about people as it is about wildlife. As the Covid-19 lock-down continues, thousands of people living in impoverished rural communities adjacent to game reserves have lost their jobs and income, and food insecurity is a growing crisis.

Working together to show that the conservation sector cares, African Conservation Trust, Project Rhino, Nkombe Rhino NPC and other partners have pooled their resources and efforts to help feed families, rangers and wildlife communities across South Africa.

Working in partnership with game reserves, the primary food we provide is a certified, nutritional porridge, pre-cooked and flavoured and ready to eat with water or milk. The porridge is either included in existing food parcels being distributed by game reserves or dispensed in an orderly fashion in conjunction with community leaders, to ensure it reaches the neediest families.

At just R1 per meal, it is a cost-effective way of providing hungry people with their daily source of essential vitamins and minerals. The sustainability of this project also gives us the ability to build stronger relationships that will have a positive effect on both wildlife areas and neighbouring communities in the years ahead.

We need your help:

Every R1 donated = 1 meal

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