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 The students of Ithuba are currently facing increased malnutrition. Located in an already impoverished area, the ability to feed a child has always been difficult for parents and guardians. This issue is exacerbated as a direct result of challenges related to covid-19, which has stripped many of the work opportunities available to the community.

Many of the children come to class with empty stomachs and the warm meal they get at school is the only one they get all day. It is therefore extremely important to provide them with that plate of food, as it is also crucial for their cognitive development. The devastating effects of malnutrition have already been observed in many learners and we strongly believe it is our duty to fight hunger and help feed the children and consequently help them succeed better at school.

We provide our students with basic but nutritious, healthy, good and warm meals, such as mielie meal with canned fish, samp and beans, rice and lentils, chicken and vegetables. 

To be able to feed our 310 learners and 20 staff members for a whole school year we need R120 000, which calculated comes to R2 per meal. An extra 50c per day would provide them a fruit!

Please help us fill the children’s stomachs to make their school days more bearable and reach their full potential.



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    12 September 2022

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    12 August 2022

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    12 July 2022

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