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Christel House offers no-fee scholarships to students from some of Cape Town’s most impoverished communities and provides them with quality education, health care, daily meals, guidance counselling, college and careers support, and daily transportation to the school. Every child attending Christel House comes from an extremely poor community situated in one of the 20 peri-urban, township and high-density living areas we serve in Cape Town where crime, poverty and violence are rife.

Unlike many other learning institutions, Christel House provides a holistic model that includes food and nutrition. We feed our children for 222 days of the year, which include 200 school term days, 17 Saturday programme days and five Winter school days. Given the severely impoverished homes that our children come from, the meals received at Christel House are usually the only food the child will eat that day.

Since 2015, more than 35 staff and supporters of Christel House South Africa have participated in the Two Oceans Marathon event in aid of the students of Christel House. Recently, Christel House launched a campaign called “Feed A Future” that would need to raise R3 million before the end of 2019, helping us to feed all 750 students every day. We at CHSA are launching our Feed a Future fundraising campaign in December 2018 in aid of our nutrition program. As a key component of our model, we provide two meals and a snack daily to each of our 750 students. It costs R180 000 to provide a nutritious breakfast to all our students for one year at R1.20 per breakfast meal and 150 000 breakfast meals in total. As such, our aim is to raise R180 000 through TOMI to help us to provide 150 000 breakfast meals to our 750 students for the entire year. Each runner will be asked to raise a minimum amount of R1 800 through this campaign.

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