Homestead Christmas Food Parcel Drive 2019

This Christmas the Homestead will distribute  food parcels to our shelter children, so they can spend time with their families over Christmas, as well as food parcels to the children who attend the Homestead  Drop-in centres in Valhalla Park, Manenberg, Town Two, Site C and Woodstock.  These are children who need  continued support to stay at home and off the street.   This Christmas we need 280 food parcels, each food parcel costs R259

Each food parcel consists of: 2kg Rice, 1 Bull Brand corned meat, Rooibos Tea, 1 Tin Peas, 1 Lentils, 1 Sugar Beans, 1lt Oros,  2 Fruit Cocktail, 1x450 Apricot Jam,  3 Royco soup, 1 Mix Vegs, 2 Macaroni, 2 Full Cream Milk, 2 maize meal, 1 Lemon Creams, 1  Rhodes tomato Chopped.

Please help us to keep children safe and with their families this Christmas by donating towards the Homestead Christmas Food Parcel Drive 2019.

Thank you for helping the Homestead children to have a family Christmas to remember, for helping to keep children off the street and with their families.

With best wishes of peace and joy for you and yours this festive season.

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  1. Anonymous donation

    26 November 2019

  2. Susan Johnson

    21 October 2019

  3. Anonymous donation

    21 October 2019

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