Every child has a story

All growing children have needs, but none more so than the children from Home from Home. Many of our children come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect or abandonment and some have been orphaned before coming into our care. Sadly, very few of these children will be reunited with biological family or adopted, which means they will be with us until they are old enough to transition out of foster care.

Home from Home provides them not only with a roof over their heads, but access to a warm and loving family, where they receive the support and care they need.

Which is why, when you choose to Sponsor a Child, you’ll be helping us to continue caring for one of the nearly 200 vulnerable children living in 34 small family foster homes around the Western Cape.

By choosing to Sponsor a Child, you would be committing to a
regular donation of £20 per month / $25 / R200 ZAR (this is payable annually if preferred). When signing up, you will receive the background details of one of our children and how they came to be in the care of Home from Home. Every six months thereafter, you’ll receive
an update of the child you are sponsoring.

Whilst the stories you will receive are true, the names would
have been changed to protect the identity of these vulnerable children. Due to child protection laws, we are unable to supply a photo of the child you are sponsoring. Your monthly contribution will not only be helping us fund the basic needs of all the children in our care, but will allow us to provide opportunities they could never have dreamed of.

Sponsor a Child today – and let us share their story with you.

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