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For 20 years, the Esplanade Association has supplemented budget dollars made available by the State of Massachusetts to care for the park. We have invested over $20M in the park and its future with capital restoration work, horticulture care, free public programming, concessions enhancement, and more. EA has coordinated thousands of volunteers to help create a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful green space for everyone to enjoy since 2004. 

Every dollar raised is used to maintain and enhance the vibrancy of the park. Help make Boston's premier natural running track a thriving, safe, and accessible park where people come together to share, explore, and enjoy nature and community! 

Support TEAM ESPLANADE today! Team members coming soon!

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    Brian McManus

    US$2,000 raised

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    Courtney Marsolais

    US$1,495 raised

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    Georgette Arato

    US$545 raised

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    8 May

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Fundraiser projects

3 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Esplanade Association

By Brian McManus

Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in 125th Boston Marathon to raise money for Esplanade Assoc...

18.1818181818182% Completed
US$2,000 raised
US$11,000 Target

I am raising funds for the Esplanade Association

By Georgette Arato

Hi! I am running the Boston Marathon and I need your help!I'm taking part in 125th Boston Maratho...

3.89285714285714% Completed
US$545 raised
US$14,000 Target

Courtney conquers 26.2 miles for the Esplanade Association

By Courtney Marsolais

Hi! This October, I'm running my FIRST marathon, the 125th Boston Marathon, to raise money for Es...

14.2380952380952% Completed
US$1,495 raised
US$10,500 Target