Environmental and educational excursions

What would a school experience be without an annual excursion or extra-murals?

While Ithuba provides quality education and competent curriculum coverage, excursions and extra mural activities add enormous value to learners on both a social-emotional, as well as cognitive level.

Our aim is to develop a child holistically and this requires extending their learning experience outside the classroom and textbooks. Engaging practically in outdoor exploration of the environment and visits to educational facilities, affords the opportunity to stimulate and ignite the curiosity of learners, encourages them to consider relevant career choices or develop a passion for community development or environmental challenges.

We have managed to provide these experiences in the past and wish to maintain and grow this aspect of our school.

Outings involve the cost of entry into various facilities, transport, catering and providing for guest speakers..

Our wishes for 2021 include:

Gr R and RR – Visit to the waterpark – transport required = R2800
Gr 1 – 3 – Visits to the waterpark – transport required = R4200
Gr 4 – Crocodile Farm – Transport, catering and entrance fee = R1400 + R 1500 + R 900= R3800
Gr 5 – Fossil walk – transport and catering required = R1400 + R 1500= R2900
Gr 6 – Fossil walk – transport and catering required = R1400 + R1500 = R2900
Gr 7 – Beach exploration, team building and overnight at TO = transport, catering, accommodation = R16 500

TOTAL = R35 000

This small amount would add enormous value to our learners experiences, developing their  relationships, self-esteem, confidence and interest in the world and environment.

Help us to ignite lifelong learning and curiosity in the world!