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Empowering Women through Circus Arts

To secure a successful and stress-free scholarship in the circus arts for 2 years, these young ladies will be paid a decent monthly allowance to secure safe travel to and from the training venue and to cover basic living costs and needs. In Year 1 all the young ladies will be trained initially in the basics of different circus skills where, in Year 2, they will then be able to pick 2 circus acts they will specialise in. This will turn them into elite circus athletes. As part of their 2 year training, the students will also give back to their communities by doing regular free workshops, with supervision, at primary schools in their communities. At the end of their 2-year training program, we will then take the role as their agents and secure them contracts in different circuses and theatres and other performing opportunities such as cruise ships. The agent commission fee will go back into the South Africa Circus Arts Academy to fund this project and many other projects.

We will only start this program once the budget for year 1 has been raised. This is to ensure sustainability and the success of the program, so it can run without any interruptions and lower the risk of drop out possibilities.

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