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Adopt-an-ED: The Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation

The Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) is a not-for-profit organisation that works alongside National and County governments and stakeholders to ensure timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency care in Kenya.  

To strengthen the emergency care systems in Kenya and in line with the WHO resolution on Emergency Care Systems for Universal Health Coverage (UHC), the foundation working in collaboration with the National and County governments, mapped out all the public healthcare facilities (including FBOs and NGOs) that can provide emergency medical care in Kenya (PROJECT 47).  

Most of these emergency departments lacked essential emergency care equipment and supplies necessary to provide quality life-saving emergency care. The “Adopt-an-ED” concept is an effort by EMKF to ensure these emergency departments have the essential emergency care equipment and supplies. 

There are 5 main areas of need identified:

  1. Essential emergency care equipment (5-Socket Oxygen Manifold, Vital Signs Monitors, Portable Ventilator and ECG Machine)
  2. Emergency care treatment guidelines and training for all emergency centre staff
  3. Basic furniture for the emergency department (waiting room chairs, consulting tables and chairs and patient couches)
  4. Emergency Hotline installation
  5. Repair of the emergency department infrastructure

[CLICK HERE] for the detailed budget.

By 'Adopting-an-ED' you and/or your organisation will ensure timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency care, every time, everywhere in Kenya.

For more details on how you can be part of our efforts to strengthen emergency care in Kenya, visit our website, www.emergencymedicinekenya.org or email us at emkf@emkfoundation.org ;or call us on 020 2100054 or 0710 633855.



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    27 January 2021

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    28 February 2020

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