Successful Dehorning Operation at Somkhanda

A hero team of conservationists consisting of members from Wildlands, Wildlife ACT, the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) and the Emvokhweni Community Trust, have been on the ground for the past two days working tirelessly to save the rhino population on Somkhanda Game Reserve. All the rhino have been successfully & safely dehorned, and we managed to deploy two new tracking collars.

Dehorning operations are proving to be an effective deterrent to poachers. On small reserves such as Somkhanda, the team are able to dehorn the entire rhino population every 1-2 years. With no major predator threats on Somkanda, the dehorned rhino are not at any disadvantage with regards to protecting themselves.

Rhino dehorning is an extreme measure being taken to help save the rhino, and is a reminder of just how serious the rhino poaching crisis has become. Please consider supporting this work. There are huge costs to bear - from vet and chopper costs to the tracking collars themselves, which are in the region of R15 000 per collar.



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    3 December

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    3 December

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    25 November

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