Elsie is Climbing Everest to Save Lives

Super Townie Elsie is taking on the uphill battle of Everest (8848m) to help Dogtown
save the abandoned and misunderstood dogs of South Africa.  This is her last of the 7 summits, the highest mountain on each continents of which Elsie has already achieved 6. We are incredibly proud to have such an incredible supporter taking on this feat for our dogs.

Every day thousands of animals are losing their lives because they have been let down by humans. In a country where we deal with many human atrocities and our wildlife is constantly at risk, there is often only a small few who have anything left to help the abandoned dogs in South Africa. We are appealing to all to support Elsie as she helps Dogtown raise funds and awareness to make a difference for those that were once mans best friend but are now abandoned and forgotten about. Everest is a tough climb this summit will make Elsie only the 2nd woman in South Africa to achieve all 7 summits. An achievement like this takes endurance, mental determination and the spirit to carry on because the end result is a one of a kind moment. That is the battle we face at Dogtown daily and with your help in supporting Elsie you can help Dogtown put their best foot forward and save more lives.

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