Edunova COVID Care

COVID-19 has come as a shock to the world, and we find ourselves having to take measures and precautions that had never crossed our minds before this pandemic.

The need for educational intervention around E Learning and Youth skills development is greater now than ever before, to help minimise the devastating impact the pandemic will have on our economy and education system.

At Edunova we are passionate about getting back to the job of serving our beneficiaries. But we need to ensure that our office environment and training centers are safe, for both our staff and learners.

When we crunched the numbers the basic protective gear and hygiene materials to allow us to operate safely will cost us around R50,000 for our 3 learning centers (Langa (Cape Town), Jane Furse (Limpopo) and Duncan Village (East London))

This is an amount we never budgeted for. We need your help to fund this unforeseen expenditure. So we can confidently return to the work of serving our local communities, schools and youth.



  1. Rika du Toit

    24 April

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