Medair brings life-saving relief to people in emergencies – people living through armed conflict, people forced from their homes, people who have lost everything in a disaster. Through the financial support of our supporters worldwide, we can bring emergency medical care, safe drinking water and sanitation, and urgently needed shelter.  

A movement is growing. More and more people are using their voice to stand up for communities living in crisis. And we need you. 

Start an online campaign today and go the extra mile with Medair to reach people in dire need of relief. 

Host a dinner party, run a race, hold a bake sale in your community.... There are numerous ways to raise funds and get others involved. 

Why fundraise? Why not just give? Because when you fundraise, you get your loved ones and networks involved and together multiply your impact. And thanks to our dedicated partner, Aligro, all gifts are matched up to CHF 50 000 until 31 December, so your gift will be doubled!

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    Daniel Bukowski

    SFr1,200 raised

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    Andriy Muzalyev

    SFr205 raised

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    Shuoyang He

    SFr50 raised

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    Didier Blanchet

    SFr23 raised

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  1. Michel Ducorps

    14 June 2020

  2. Anonymous donation

    17 May 2020

  3. Caroline DUCORPS

    9 May 2020

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Fundraiser projects

12 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Medair

By Christopher mbewe

Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in #COVID-19: Let the kindness continue! to raise money for...

0% Completed
US$0 raised
US$1,500 Target

2,915 Flights to Everest

By Amy & Bernadette & Joel in Iraq

As we enter into our third month of lockdown in Iraq, we're reaching new heights to support ...

17.221269296741% Completed
€502 raised
€2,915 Target

I am raising funds for Medair

By Andriy Muzalyev

A team from Medair, a Swiss-based humanitarian aid NGO, isrunning the Lausanne half-marathon on S...

17.0833333333333% Completed
SFr205 raised
SFr1,200 Target

Lamin saidi

By Lamin Saidi

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in The Mud Day Swiss 2019 to raise money for lamin, who do ...

0% Completed
€0 raised
€150,000 Target