Drinking Water for Rural Farm Children

Middelpos farm is an isolated rural farm that is situated about 89kms from Cape Town. It receives fresh drinking water from the Kasteelberg (Castle Mountain) but for the past few months were unable to enjoy this water supply because the families do not have the money to buy a much needed 10 000 liter water tank and the necessary pipes and fittings to allow for the flow of water to run smoothly from the mountain some 3kms downhill to supply fresh drinking water to the 13 farm families on Middelpos farm. Most days the heat of between 30 and 46 Degrees Celcius made it unbearable for everyone to function and especially the children who struggled to concentrate on their school work. We have had a few children crying because they were so thirsty.

It breaks our heart to think that the farm has a strong supply of water but cannot access it because the families do not have R17 000 to buy a water tank and the fittings to make this happen.

Please help us put together R17 000 to provide water to a total of 90 people which are the 13 families on Middelpos farm and the children and youth from the surrounding farms who participate in our daily activities after school and over weekends on the farm.

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