Imagine walking more than two hours to school or work every day, rain or shine. That’s the fate of millions of South African school children and their families.

Qhubeka provides bicycles to these communities, increasing the distance people can travel, what they can carry, where they can go and how fast they can get there.

#DoYourPart is a new Qhubeka initiative that empowers ordinary people like you to help us to get even more people on bikes – one part at a time.

From a reflector for R5 to a frame for R350, every part you gift helps us build more bikes for those in need. It may be pocket change to you, but if everyone does their part, we can give an entire generation the chance at a better future.

Come on, #DoYourPart and help Qhubeka mobilise people with bicycles!

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  1. Scott Thwaites

    21 July 2017

  2. Scott Thwaites

    14 July 2017

  3. Megan Stewart

    30 May 2017

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