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Don't let them get enrolled in the militias anymore

Children who face war, who are trapped in a conflict zone, and whose loved ones are dispersed, may find themselves involved in fighting. They may also be forced to witness or be the perpetrators of atrocities sometimes committed against their own families. These experiences risk shattering their childhood and marking them forever.
Educating children living in war zones empowers them to break the cycle of war and build a culture of peace.
Madame Sifa is a survivor of the atrocities in eastern DRC on several levels at once. Victim of gang rape, kidnapping of her husband and payment of a heavy ransom, she now lives in one of the sites for displaced people in Goma without knowing how to make a suicidal return to the area from which she came.
Her children having witnessed the various inhuman acts perpetrated against their parents, they are the most exposed to enrollment in armed groups in the event of a suicidal return to the area. Knowing that her children are exposed to this risk, Sifa wishes instead to protect them by enrolling them in one of the schools in Goma where they would be safe from all forms of abuse.
Having confided in our service, Sifa has a plan to look for 2 rooms in a rental house in Goma where to stay with these 3 children so that they can be enrolled in one of the local schools instead of making a suicidal return to the area threatened while her husband benefits from the appropriate care for his survival despite various injuries as well as the toxic products that were injected into him by his executioners.
We are raising a support fund for this family in distress for assistance over a period of 10 months.

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