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Your donation will go directly to the healthcare, raising and protection of the Rhino Momma Project's rhinos. 

The Rhino Momma Project has made a significant difference in the growing numbers of rhinos in Namibia. Our goal is to continue breeding these magnificent animals to try and repopulate Namibia, Africa and hopefully the rest of the world. 

We currently have 44 mature breeding cows and 9 mature breeding bulls in 3 separate, large breeding camps (3 706 acres each), which have the potential to deliver an average of 18-21 calves per year. We hope to build up our mature breeding females to 60, which will yield 24 to 28 calves per year.

When we started this breeding program, we made predictions on income based on the "live sales" of rhinos to lodges, private rhino farmers and large reserves, but due to the poaching onslaught in Namibia and South Africa, the sales of live rhino have come to an extreme halt. People are too afraid to buy rhino due to the increase in poaching, and therefore the predicted income did not materialise.

To sustain this vital breeding project, we are in desperate need of donor funding. See the rhinos here at



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    22 March 2019

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    20 December 2018

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