#DoMore this Mandela Day!

Early Childhood Development [ECD] in South Africa is predominately a woman-dominated sector that is significantly under-resourced and under-capacitated. These heroes are responsible for providing ECD services in South African communities where 63% of young children live in poverty. Despite the hardship they face, these resilient unsung Heroes continue to provide a range of essential services to young children including early learning (stimulation), safety, nutritional support through daily meals and access to social services. They are responsible for helping nurture the early years of a child’s life when children acquire concepts, skills and attitudes that lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

The vulnerability of the ECD workforce was starkly exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which widened the gap and left them even more vulnerable, disadvantaged, and often destitute. Without access to relief funds, these “heroes” faced tremendous challenges over the past year. The DO MORE FOUNDATION believes it is time we acknowledge them for the powerful, nation-building Heroes that they are and shine a light on the critical role they play in the lives of young children.

For Mandela Day 2021, the DO MORE FOUNDATION has launched a National Campaign to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by the ECD workforce in our communities. 

How you can get involved 

- Write in messages of hope to the ECD workforce. These messages will be shared directly with the principals and practitioners working in communities. Click here to send in your message

- Make a contribution towards the gratitude boxes that we are sending to ECD practitioners and principals across 3 provinces in South Africa. These personalized boxes contain much needed food items, self care products, stationary, home gardening supplies and other goodies sponsored by generous partners. This contribution can be made on GivenGains safe payment portals

With Love,

The Do More Team

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